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We are the first insurance consultants in India which specializes exclusively in Gems and Jewelry Insurance. We are authorized agents Government insurance companies under IRDA. We are servicing more than 10,000+ satisfied jewellery clients across India who have trusted us and insured their Stock of Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Gems Stones, and Cash etc. For risks like Robbery, Theft, Fire, loss in transit or with the goldsmith etc. Our Corporate Office is in Mumbai near Zaveri Bazar and Our employee representative across India. We have a professionally computerized set-up with multi-city presence. Separate Claims, Marketing, legal and Customer Care Department to give you the best service always. We have a record of 1000+ solved claims including the 3.45 crore claim of Dhanalaxmi Jewelers - Chennai.

We are at our best in times of any unfortunate claim (loss) where we will be personally taking you. Through the full claim process related to police, surveyors, insurance company etc. So that you can Continue with your business without any interruption while we look after the claim technicalities. Previously our company was known as Kataria Insurance Consultancy. We used to deal in both life and general insurance policies. But as heritage is of the Jain and Jewellery community, Jewellers Block Insurance Policy has always been our strength. After completing my MBA in marketing, I Joined my family business. With the support of my visionary father Shri Suresh F Kataria, I decided to concentrate and develop a niche jewellery market which needed specialized knowledge related to books of Accounts, jewellery trade, complex nature of claims etc.

Thus we dropped all the other line of insurance businesses and renamed our company as ‘’Kataria Jewellery Insurance Consultancy‘’ in 1999. It was definitely a big and a very difficult decision for us to make but since then, there was no looking back. With the grace of God, support of our clients and hard work of our experienced and dedicated team lead by my brothers Jitendra Kataria and other family members. We are today more than 10 times bigger and efficient than our former company.

Mr. Bhavesh Kataria (MBA)


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Being the largest jewellery insurance consultants in India our responsibility and mission is to Insure, Secure and Educate each and every member of the Gems & jewellery fraternity”

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"With 18 Employee Representatives we serve more than 300 Cities across India"

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